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Smoking Cessation Education & Referrals

arch 24, 2023|Services

We Provide Smoking Cessation Education & Referrals to Specialists

Tobacco dependence is a chronic, relapsing disorder that, like other chronic diseases, often requires repeated intervention and long-term support.1 The majority of people who use tobacco want to quit, but most try to quit multiple times before succeeding.2

Healthcare providers in a variety of settings play a critical role in helping people quit using tobacco.1 Even brief advice from you can make it much more likely that your patients will try to quit—and ultimately succeed.1 Evidence-based treatment—including counseling and cessation medications approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—significantly increases success in quitting tobacco.1,3 You can make a difference!

Using the resources below, you can help ensure that your patients have the right tools to begin their quit journeys.

Visit the Health Effects page for more information about the health consequences of tobacco use.


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